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SANSI Newly-developed High Bay Lights, Let the Market of LED Blossom



Recently, an increase market share of LED high bay light cause the industry of LED blossom, which should be taken seriously as it is vital for customers to select what they really worth to have. In this case, SANSI newly-developed high bay lights redefine the standard to perfectly matched to customers’ requirements.

high bay light.jpg

Featuring a fashion and easy hollow-carved design and combining lines and arcs perfectly, it has a high luminous efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chip making it a good choice for station, stadium, warehouse , etc. In addition to the efficiency and low maintenance, intelligent light management is helping to enhance the workforce’s occupational safety, productivity, focus and well-being.

  • Features of SANSI High Bay Light:

  • Direct Replacement in HPS and HID

  • No Lens Hood Needed

  • No PCB Fast Cooling Structure: Independent Ceramic Heat Dissipation Unit

  • Lumen Maintenance over 70% at 25,000+ Hours

  • High-quality Nichia Chips and Constant Current Switching Power

  • Full-permeable light body, fast cooling

  • Overall plastic lamp body, lighter and safer

  • Built-in high efficiency switching power supply with constant current

led .jpg

Additionally, the concept of green and natural has been recognized and accepted by the broad masses of customers, we pioneered the world changing development of electric light and LED, providing environmental friendly products is our objective and th egoal. In conclusion, our deep understanding of how lighting positively affects people, enables us to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to our customers.