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SANSI Shone at Mercedes-Benz Arena, LED Display Broadcasted NBA Live



Recently, one of the NBA China Game successfully held in Mercedes-Benz Arena, SANSI indoor stadium LED display shone at the stadium features high-resolution, cost-effective and  sophisticated technology. Notably, among the features of the indoor stadium LED display is that it was built in bucket type to meet the demands of audience.

Large Stadium, Bucket Type LED Display

Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena, located on the former grounds of Expo 2010 in Pudong, Shanghai, China, seats 18,000 people and includes a smaller venue, The Mixing Room & Muse, which is a more intimate live-music venue. 

indoor stadium display.png

Consisting of several screens respectively distributed on 4 layers, the total area of the indoor stadium LED display is 400 square meters. Each of the several displays employs surface-mount display (SMD) technology, which allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. Additionally, the display cabinets were custom-designed to match components of the interior architecture and are finished with a clear, anodized look. The 2 layers of thicker displays wrapped around the stadium and are fully integrated into the display system, allowing Mercedes-Benz Arena to adjust the advertisement element to the content on the LED displays.

Custom-Engineered Project

The extra resolution and quality are extremely noticeable, especially with texts and logos, which is very important in a brand-saturated atmosphere. Controlled by various control systems such as lifting system and remote control system, the displays will be primarily used to provide valuable information to audience.

indoor stadium LED display.jpg

Achieving long-term success in indoor stadium LED display projects is highly dependent on having rich project management experience. SANSI is more than an engineering LED solution provider, also a global leader manufacturer in LED industry with outstanding achievements all over the world.