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How to Select Warehouse lighting?



How to select warehouse lighting has been a constant topic among buyers. According to our technicians, visual requirements, cargo characteristics and environment conditions should all be taken into consideration when designing warehouse lighting solution, so as to achieve a properly distributed lighting environment with excellent CRI and brightness.  

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To get an ideal warehouse lighting, we need to take the following factors into consideration.

1. Energy Saving Capability 

People have different lighting needs in different situations. An intelligently adjusted LED lighting system can meet different dimming needs.

2. Security & Lifespan 

Warehouse lighting should ensure safe and reliable function under dust, corrosion environment.

Warehouse lighting with high stability and long lifespan are preferred to decrease the maintenance cost. 

3. Limit Glare In Warehouse Lighting

If a worker accidentally looks directly into a LED light bright enough to illuminate a warehouse, they will be temporarily blinded. You should work to minimize the glare on your lights, especially LEDs through reflectors. You can also choose lights designed to reduce glare and increase safety in the workplace.

4. Color Is Important

You may not realize that color is important in warehouse lighting. But light color affects things like contrast and clarity. And when workers have to read labels or identify objects, they need the most natural light to do so.

5. Height of Warehouse or Story Height of Cargo Shelf

Clients should select their warehouse lighting with a proper power wattage based on the height of the warehouse. 

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When running a warehouse, you need to ensure two things when it comes to warehouse lighting: safety and productivity. Featuring cost-effective, energy-efficient and high quality, SANSI warehouse lighting are still performing so well as to change the situation of high failure rate in other similar projects. Over the last 8 years, 800, 000 pcs high power LED lighting fixtures have been used for tunnels, roads and subways etc.