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SANSI Outdoor Full color LED Display Landed on Bulgaria



SANSI installed outdoor full color LED display in national soccer stadium, Bulgaria. As one of the world’s leading and most established names in outdoor full color display, SANSI’s project was specially reported by Bulgaria Television Corporation and other mainstream medias, which caused a stir throughout the country.

outdoor full color LED display.jpg

Recognized at home and abroad for high brightness, color fidelity, luminous consistency, excellent color mixing and good weather resistance, SANSI outdoor full color LED display holds a relatively high market share in media, stadium and transportation markets. SANSI products are characterized by strictly selected components , leading-edge technology, reliable and stable system and great variety of product range etc.

outdoor  led display.jpg

With playing pictures and videos smoothly, the audience are experiencing a visual enjoyment. Additionally, the display employs the combination of front maintenance and back maintenance to meet the demands of reparation.

Ultra-Thin with Surface-Mount Device (SMD) Technology

The outdoor LED video displays employ front access with an ultra-thin 100mm depth. This greatly saves installation space and saves client’s budget. SANSI continues to provide state-of-the-art solutions of interior and exterior LED with SMD packaging technology.