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SANSI’s Ruijin Smart Lighting Project Successfully Built Smart City Management System



SANSI, a global enterprise gained many system integration achievements , recently is united with Zhongzhicheng Information Technology and Shanghai SEISYS made syndicated tender and won Ruijin digital city management project together by relying on detailed innovative planning, strong technical strength and good reputation.
RuiJin is a world-renowned ancient capital of red revolution, the cradle of republic, the headquarters of the Party Central Committee, birthplace of the Soviet Republic of China and Long March birthland, also known as China green famous county, national famous historical and cultural city, demonstration county of the national electronic commerce and the 5th civilized city of Jiangxi Province with having abundant red resources and forefront urban informatization and intelligent construction.

smart pole light.jpg

The total investment of the project is around $8 million covering 25 square kilometers. Adhering to standards of Urban municipal supervision and management information system --Classification coding and data requirements for urban managed components and events(CJ/T214-2007) which was promulgated by Chinese National Ministry of Construction, basing on Ruijin digital city management system and staring from creating Ruijin urban intelligent system, the project implements the construction of multiple smart city integrated management system including intelligent collection and analysis of urban events and components, intelligent parking, intelligent road lighting, intelligent management of nightscape lighting, infrastructure intelligence monitoring, WIFI, sanitation, vehicle scheduling, sediment transportation management, property management, advertisement approval and emergency command.
Additionally, the project carried by upgraded urban public smart pole system (consists of nearly 10 thousand sets of smart street lights with different functional modules) perfected the urban integrated management infrastructure network, realized hardware intensification of urban comprehensive management process and provided a platform features digital management mode, intelligent service facilities and online resource protection to greatly enhance the efficiency of urban management.

smart street light.jpg

Notably, it will be the project to realize the urban informatization and Intellectualization management by using the smart street lights as the intelligent hardware carrier and provide support for the rapid "landing" and cost-effective smart city construction projects. But more than this, the landing of the project provide reference for the construction of intelligent city management projects.
Shanghai SANSI is a leading unit of Outdoor Smart Lighting Key Technology and System Integration —— the The 13th five-year plan. In addition, Zhongzhicheng Information Technology is also one unit of the subject members. SANSI’s honored to be recognized with the fist prize of China Lighting Award 2017 for our smart street lighting. SANSI Technology is determined to build a revolutionary brand while keeping in mind the best interest of creating win-win solutions for our clients building platforms for our employees and contributing to a more eco-friendly sustainable environment for society.

Company Name: Shanghai Sansi Technology Co.,Ltd

Contact Person: Amy Gong


Phone: +86 2154883434

Country: China


Source: Shanghai Sansi Electronics Engineering Co.,Ltd.