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SANSI’s Customized Intelligent Traffic System Solution on ITS



Shanghai SANSI, a leading global LED products manufacturer, will unveil its Intelligent Traffic System Solution on ITS, October 29 in Montreal, Canada. Consisting of SANSI EN12966 series and fine-pitch displays, the intelligent traffic system solution will become an important carrier and terminal system of future intelligent transportation.

SANSI’s Solution for Freeway control Center Solution

With multiple communication protocols and control systems supported, SANSI freeway solution provides real-time monitoring by using SANSI LED display system.

Intelligent traffic system features:

  • Providing support and analysis of big data for emergency dispatch, maintenance management, road administration, and public travel,etc.,

  • Supporting seamless transition between variable signals, instant display of video sources under different circumstances with one click.

  • Custom picture display available, arbitrarily separated overlaid, moved and self-adjusted according to the display zone size.

  • Creating a precise analysis of values and results of freeway network.

  • Hot backups for power supply and signal, more reliable than traditional display modules.

  • 7/24 steady operation, easy maintenance and long lifetime.

SANSI EN12966 Series —The Key Content of Intelligent Traffic System Solution 

Consisting of variable message signs, variable speed limit signs and lane control signs, SANSI EN12966 Series guide the whole road network to operate regularly as ‘bodies’ in the control center of freeway application.

Variable Message Signs.jpg

Variable Message Signs

The features of SANSI EN12966 Series include:

  • B6, L3, C2, R3, T1&T3

  • High-quality LED, long lifetime, low power consumption and few degradation

  • Real-time environmental monitoring with automatic Temp&Humidity collection.

  • Protocol: Profibus, TCP/IP, NTCIP, MODBUS

  • Communication: RS485, RS232, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, GPRS, I/O control.

  • Automatic and manual brightness adjustment

  • -40℃~60℃

Lane Control Signs.jpg

Lane Control Signs

Variable Speed Limit Signs.jpg

Variable Speed Limit Signs

Additionally, we’ll exhibit our fine-pitch LED display features revolutionary signal transmission, CPU Auto detection and 2D & 3D free switch. Not only SANSI fine-pitch LED display meet the demands of large-scale transportation, military and broadcasting but also conference centers ,cinemas and office buildings etc.

We sincerely to invite all of you to visit our booth:

Booth # 209

Palais des congrès deMontréal (2017.10.30-11.2)