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SANSI LED Street light Lighten Chicago O'Hare International Airport



Chicago O'Hare International Airport, located on the Far Northwest Side of Chicago, Illinois, is the sixth-busiest international airport in the world by the number of takeoffs and landings. SANSI is honored to undertake the airport lighting project, which wins so much favor of national experts in lighting industry.

O'Hare was voted as the "Best Airport in North America" for 10 years by two separate sources: Readers of the U.S. Edition of Business Traveler Magazine(1998–2003) and Global Traveler Magazine (2004–2007). Covers an area of 31 square kilometers, it’s annual passenger throughput reached 78 million.  

led road light.jpg

690 SANSI LED Street Lights

Totally, SANSI installed 690 150w & high-efficiency LED street light at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport Terminal 2 Station. Featuring high-efficiency, low power consumption, long lifespan, and no flickering, they are performing so well as to change the situation of high failure rate in other similar projects. 

Provided people with soft and comfortable lighting to realize uniform illumination, SANSI LED street light make pedestrians see more clearly under the night. 

led street light.jpg

The Significant LED Lighting Project

With the development of LED lighting technology, people are aware of the advantages of LED light source which making more airports to adopt new LED lighting products. We outstandingly completed the renovation project of Chicago O'Hare International Airport and demonstrated the presence of Chinese enterprises with the strength to provide reference for other LED manufacturers to develop overseas market.