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The Newest High Performance LED Roadway Fixture from Sansi



Recently, Sansi released a brand-new roadway lighting fixture, the C0820-QR series LED street light, with high LED performance. Using LED ceramic technology, the QR series LED street light is to provide uniform and comfortable LED light that reduces the amount of energy required to light your city and highways and benefits for safety and health of drivers and pedestrians.

Our C0820-QR series LED street light features a classy square-shaped design with a concise and simplified style. There are three color options which are bronze, white and gray. All are carefully processed in matte and frosted textures with good tending, offering a sensational appeal to customers. The streetlight certifications include: CE, PSE, ETL, DLG, RCM and more. 

led road lighting.jpg

As recommended by The American Medical Association (AMA), the QR series street light has a color temperature at 3000k and 4000k to minimize health and environmental risks, that best suits your project. 

Talking about our technological advantages of QR series, we offer you a whole new perception of how you define your roadway lighting fixtures.

Stunning Cooling Performance Results in Better Performance and Longer Lifespan

Using LED Ceramic technology, we’re able to extend the lifetime of our streetlights vs. LEDs using aluminum. LED chip is directly pasted onto the ceramic heat sink, thus the LED street light is both PC board and thermal adhesive free, which results in better heat dissipation performance. 

road lighting.jpg

Creative Mounting Availability

Sansi technicians worked out the creative 15-degree mounting angles adjustable, which is also a Sansi patented technology. Things get easy when we want to adjust lighting angles without the need to tear down the whole lighting fixture, greatly saving efforts. 

led street lighting.jpg

Module: Easy made Maintenance

Sansi QR series LED street light engages standard module units, which makes the light friendly to maintain and service. The high-level version of QR adopts Sansi patented plug-in connector, allowing it wireless and ensuring safety. 

Intelligent Dimming 

The light employs built-in photon sensors and can achieve automatic On/ Offs according to lumen environment. Besides, with 2.4GH or PLC control system, Sansi QR series streetlight is able to auto adjust intelligent dimming, thus consumption of electricity is greatly decreased.