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SANSI’S Tightest-Pitch Display in Verizon Center, Washington DC, US



The high-resolution LED video display was installed by SANSI in Verizon Center, also known as the Washington Wizards(NBA), Washington Capitals(NHL) and Washington Mystics(WNBA), prosperously drawing eyeballs from people by featuring a 1.25mm pixel pitch.

The Unique Challenging LED Display

Among the features of the inside video display is that it was built using the incredibly tight pixel pitch with only 165 square feet. The interior display employs a 1.25mm pixel pitch, consisting of 1,440 x 4,800 pixels and measuring 7'10" high by 21'1" wide. Comprising of 6,912,000 pixels, the unique challenging display becomes one of the tightest-pitch displays found in Times Square, which bring a visual enjoyment to the audience.

LED video display.jpg

Brilliant Viewing Experience

SANSI custom-designed and fabricated the enclosure and access doors for the concourse video display owned by Monumental Sports & Entertainment. Additionally, the higher NIT rating(brightness) on its off-axis angles and a viewing cone of approximately 179 degrees of the display, allowing for a much better viewing experience.

LED display.jpg

Notably, SANSI’s great strength lies in research and development with over 500 engineers, which makes the concourse project successfully completed by using  SMD packaging technology to meet customer’s highest standards.

High-resolution LED video display.jpg