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SANSI Smart Pole System was Glorified Listed in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Chinese Government



The 13th Five-Year Key Plan, national key research project in 2017, was announced by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, drawing eyeballs from LED lighting industry and smart city industry. Notably, SANSI Smart Pole system was incorporated into one of the most representative R&D plan.

Shanghai SANSI recently signed a four year project, total financial funding around $3 million, with Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology on August 28th. As a smart city landing solution and a construction scheme of urban IOT (Internet of things), outdoor intelligent lighting represented by ‘Smart Pole System’ has been officially approved by national government.

Smart Pole System.jpg

Five related sub-topics are included in this project. Consequently, what is worth mentioning is that we aim at developing a new multifunctional form lighting fixture with independent intranet control. Furthermore, we also format an intelligent lighting networking system, which has a scalable intelligent gateway architecture and a cluster distributed network based on CPS sensor communication and information release module, intelligent gateway, and control platform. Additionally, with using big data analysis and mining strategy model into light networking weak center control platform, we make an intelligent decision. 

Smart Pole Syste Application.jpg

As a lead company of the subject, SANSI formed a research team, whose member includes China Academy of Building Research, Highway Science Research Institute of Ministry of Transport, Changzhou Wujin Institute, National Lighting Test Centre, Fudan University, and other 20 institutes, universities and enterprises. With the project strongly supported by ECC, the team will do a series of deep and continuous research and practice on the outdoor intelligent lighting technology.