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SANSI Displays, Growing Presence in Midtown Manhattan



SANSI Growing Presence in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan

SANSI has undertaken and completed a total of approximately 58,000 square feet LED screens in 12 locations of the Times Square bow-tie by far, making it uniquely positioned as the leader in Manhattan LED technology market. From contract to installation and beyond, SANSI strives to provide unparalleled attention, service, and accessibility to our customers.  

Times Square Midtown, Manhattan.jpg

SANSI Displays Presence in Times Square Midtown, Manhattan

Highest Resolution LED Video Screen in Times Square

The exterior video display was installed on the facade of Marriott Edition Hotel at 701, 7th Avenue in Times Square, making the highest-resolution (25,000,000 pixels) display in history. With a totaling display area of 1,600 square meters, the ultra vibrant LED display will present live American NFL including the Super Bowl.

LED Video Display.jpg

Customized Your LED Video Display

No matter what the designer’s requirement is, SANSI has a solution. Since 1993, we’ve been dedicated to making sure our products help customer in a variety of ways. SANSI’s engineers and technicians are committed to meeting your highest standards. Any shape, radius and so on and so forth, as you like. We have developed by independent research play software that is compatible to various video sources and third-part cloud platform to make sure every detail of your video display is much secured.