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Two More LED Screens -- SANSI’s Growing Times Square Presence



SANSI installed another two arc-shaped LED video displays in the center of Times Square bow-tie at 1515 Broadway recently, adjacent to the MTV studios. In total, the digital signage system consists of more than 2.3 million pixels and approximately 2,500 square feet. 

Two Displays

The two outdoor displays employ a 10mm pixel pitch, allowing for an extremely long viewing distance. The eye-level digital spectacular at 129'2'' wide by 17’4’’ high, totals 2,078,208 pixels and 2,193 square feet. Another smaller one consists of 285,120 pixels at 86'7'' wide by 3'6'' high. 

LED Video Display .jpg

Custom-Engineered Design

To accommodate these two unique video displays to the facade of the building facing street, we engineered a custom-designed arc formation, which made for a seamless, fluent layout. The two display measures at a 70.3-degree angle and 75-degree angle, respectively. To achieve the 70-degree compound angles, SANSI engaged custom return modules to minimize any seam that might occur at the right radius required by the customer. 

SANSI custom software, compatible to various video source, avoids failures and ensures the content delivery.  

 Outdoor LED Video Display.jpg

Ultra-Thin with Surface-Mount Device (SMD) Technology

The outdoor 10mm LED fine fitch LED display employ front access with an ultra-thin 100mm depth. This greatly saves installation space and saves client’s budget. SANSI continues to provide state-of-the-art solutions of interior and exterior LEDs with SMD packaging technology.