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High Level of Customization, Secret to SANSI’s Popularity Overseas



Recently, Yangon, the largest city and business center of Burma, welcomed a total of two LED video displays designed and made by SANSI. An exterior display and an interior display, consisting altogether 3,229 sq.ft, were installed as part of the project.  

Two LED Screens 

For the outdoor LED display, SANSI installed a 10mm display on the facade of the building with a curving shape. At 1392 pixels high by 1728 pixels wide, it has a total of 2,405,376 pixels. Brightness level of this screen reaches more than 9000 cd/m², making it more adaptive even under the direct sunshine.    

outdoor LED display.jpg

For the interior screen, SANSI provided a 3 mm display. The display consists of 3648 pixels high by 1152 pixels wide for a total of 4,202,496 pixels, perfectly presenting both static and dynamic videos with high resolution.  

Customize Your Display

These two LED screens are highly customized with SANSI independently developed software, compatible to various video source, which is an advantage of us over other LED manufacturers. Diverse needs can be well met and signal transmission well achieved.

LED Display.jpg

Our LEDs go through thousand times of tests in factory to make it resistant in bad weather. We use special gluing technique to well equip outdoor LED displays and enhance heat dissipation ability, therefore performance and long lifespan is effectively guaranteed.

Southern Asia LED Market

It is well known that SANSI is among the largest and earliest exporters of LED displays in China. In more than a decade year of development, our LED products enjoy a good reputation with worldwide designers, clients and partners. Our partnership lasts for more than 10 years. 

Yangon project is not our first case in Southern Asia. To name a few, early in 2014, SANSI displays were installed in the Naypyidaw Parliament. In 2016, SANSI successfully exported 53 UHD LED displays to a Seven-Star hotel in Malaysia, totaling 480 square meters. 

Indoor Full Color Display.jpg

The Yangon project stands as another example of our customized LEDs exported overseas. No matter what the designer’s requirement is, SANSI has a solution. Since 1993, we’ve been dedicated to making sure our products help customer in a variety of ways. SANSI’s engineers and technicians are committed to meeting your highest standards.