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Two Newly-Installed LED Video Displays in The Mall At Short Hills



SANSI designed and installed two separate LED screens in the Mall at Short Hills, a high-end shopping center located in approximately 23 miles west of midtown Manhattan. The two new and unique video displays, both featuring a 4 mm pixel pitch, serve as a dynamic, visual gateway for customers entering and exiting the mall. 

led video display.jpg

One LED display rises from a concourse area to second-floor viewers. It has three faces forming two corner pieces and a concave radius display at 3,216 pixels wide by 816 pixels high, totaling 2,624,256 pixels. Altogether, the interior display is approximately 420 square feet. 

led video displays.jpg

led video screeen.jpg

The other LED screen is a irregular L-shaped display that wraps around the exterior of an elevator of the mall. To well accommodate to the surface of the vertical lift, we designed a 90-degreek corner to the screen. Altogether, the 4 mm screen is approximately 28 feet tall and has 2,101,248 pixels at 365 square feet. 

LED video screen.jpg