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SANSI Compelling LED Products at Las Vegas NAB Show 2017



NAB Show, held April 24-27 in Las Vegas, came to a successful conclusion with 103,000 attendees and 1,700+ exhibitors this year. During the 4-day exhibition, SANSI VT, VR, XR, VW and STV were presented and won wide recognition from visitors.

VT1.2/ VT1.6/ VT2.0/ VT2.5

SANSI VT series deliver video messages with a high degree of clarity, acuity, and impact from 1.2mm to 2.5mm pixel pitch. Signal and power wire 2-in-1 avoids transmission failures, therefore failure rate decreases by 60%. It can automatically diagnose, position and warn if fault happens, and it supports multiple control modes. With a wide range of input options, the user can create a unique mix of programming. 

Fine Pitch LED Display

Ultra High-Definition LED Video Display  

VW2/ VW4/ VW4X 

Recently, SANSI releases its new Indoor Shop Window solution, the VW series, to engage audience and promote brand for retailers. 54mm thickness, it saves space with a wall-mounted structure. All components are accessible from the front. Over 1920Hz refresh rate, 360°cooling vents, fanless design, and pixel-level calibration ensure image quality and stable performance of the display. 

 Indoor Shop Window LED Display

VW series Indoor Shop Window LED Display


SANSI STV received high recognition during the show. The 108’’ ultra-large and thin TV has a perfect 16:9 ratio, bringing vivid and vibrant image performance. We use integrated calibration technology to ensure color consistency. We equip STV with a mobile stand containing six omni-directional wheels for easy mobility. 


VR2.9/ VR3.9 

Cabinet being 72.5mm thick and 6.8kg heavy, SANSI VR series is for indoor rental resolution. It features over 3000:1 contrast ratio, screw fixation of mask, and modular design. The design of quick buckle and horizontal positioning device makes assembly fast and secure. To achieve better cooling results, there are hidden heat-dissipating holes at the cabinet bottom and ventilating holes on the doors. 

Indoor Rental LED Display

VR series Indoor Rental LED Display

XR3.9/ XR4.8  

SANSI XR series has a ultra slim and light cabinet with 72.5mm thickness and 7.3kg weight, 35% lighter than normal displays, perfectly fitting into the outdoor rental environments. It features fast assembly and easy rear maintenance. Protection level is as high as IP65.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

XR series Outdoor Rental LED Display