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Another 4 SANSI LED Displays are Expected to Appear in New York Times Square



Recently, a SANSI 1600㎡-large LED display for New York Times Square has been reviewed and verified during factory inspection and received high recognition from proprietor representatives and clients, as “the best LED display I’ve ever seen” according to one representative. The LED display is set to be installed on the external wall of Marriott Edition Hotel at 701, 7th Avenue in Times Square. It’s scheduled to be in use starting the beginning of 2017 and will be the highest-resolution (25,000,000 pixels) LED display in the history of Times Square. 

According to related data, the LED display has a 8 mm pixel pitch and presents itself as the shape of letter “L”. What is worth mentioning is that SANSI self-developed modules are used in the cambered corner of the screen where the radius is less than 3 m to ensure displaying effect and seamless connection of the LED display. With a displaying area of 1600 square meters, the LED display will present live American NFL including the Super Bowl.

Together with the 1,600㎡ LED display, another 3 SANSI LED displays are landing Times Square as well. The 2 screens under installation and commission stage locate in 719 7th Avenue and 1460 Broadway Avenue respectively and the one in 1441 Broadway Avenue is under preparation. These 3 buildings where the 3 LED screens are located are adjacent to two landmarks of Times Square --Times Square building No. 1 and No. 2. In such a prominent location at the heart of bow tie, hosting approximately 40 million visitors per year, the 3 LED displays will create immense media and commercial value.

Left: 719 7th Ave., Times Square, P10, SANSI LED display, 500㎡;

Middle: 1460 Broadway, Times Square, P10, SANSI LED display, 500㎡;

Right: 1441 Broadway, Times Square, P10, SANSI LED display, 1000㎡;

Early in the year of 2011, SANSI LED display was installed and successfully operated since then on the wall of Viacom’s main building at 1515 Broadway Avenue of Times Square. The 400 square meter LED display was the first China LED display exported to Times Square. 

By the time these 4 SANSI LED displays are installed, there will be a total display area of around 6,000 square meters made by SANSI in Times Square. The total display area far exceeds any other international LED brands, making SANSI the largest LED display manufacturer that appears in New York Times Square.