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A Series of SANSI LED Displays Impress Visitors at ISE 2017



Scheduled from 7th to 10th this February at Amsterdam, the annual grant meet, Integrated Systems Europe ("ISE") has drawn wide attention in fields of professional audio-visual equipment and information system integration technologies. During the 4-day event, SANSI showcases a number of LED displays and achieves high recognition from multiple parties and participants. 

As world’s best-attended AV expo, ISE 2017 has provided platforms and infinite possibilities for visitors and exhibitors. At the exhibition, we introduce altogether 5 series LED displays, which include sports stadium LED displays, UHD fine pitch LED displays and indoor rental and outdoor rental LED displays for multiple applied environments, leaving deep impression to visitors and peer exhibitors.

SANSI booth at ISE 2017 receiving visitors and clients.

SANSI booth at ISE 2017 receiving visitors and clients.

It is worth mentioning that SANSI newly-released Shop Window LED display and Stadium LED display is extraordinarily welcomed by on-site customers. Several clients have already reserved samples of our Shop Window LED displays and an European client shows strong desires for further cooperation after viewing our sample products at the exhibition. Besides, SANSI Stadium LED display is well reviewed by attendants for product’s humanized and high-tech design.

Our success at the show is no accident. With 24-year dedication to LED industry, we have developed into a national famous brand for LED lighting and display. SANSI LED display, with continuous improvements in dot spacing, gray scale, color processing, in combination of our technical advantages in high power conservation and low noise, perfectly provides superior displays that meet customers’ needs, and is much accepted and trusted in the market. 

SANSI newly-released Shop Window LED display features ultra-slim cabinet, easy front serviceability, noise-free running effect, high refresh rate and friendly operating, making it an ideal choice for indoor shop window environment. And with more consideration for the European LED market, SANSI Stadium LED display has become a hit in the exhibition and is highly recognized by European clients.

SANSI Hongkou Football Stadium LED display, Shanghai.

SANSI Hongkou Football Stadium LED display, Shanghai.

SANSI Mercedes-Benz Arena LED display, Shanghai.

SANSI Mercedes-Benz Arena LED display, Shanghai.

ISE 2017 took place right after Chinese New Year. The time coincidence also indicates we have been well-prepared and ready to begin our new voyage in the new year. Despite of former progress and achievements, it time for us to leave it behind and go on exploring and innovating for brilliant LED application products that can change people’s lives. With continuous good news coming from our team far in the Netherlands, we have every reason to look forward a much brighter future for SANSI!